(j3.2006) Wrong solution in 16-113

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Wed Jan 27 14:13:20 EST 2016

16-113 observes that the introductory discussion in 5.1, and other
material in Clause 5, is incorrect with respect to CLASS(*) and TYPE(*).

Unfortunately, the proposed solution is wrong.

We do not want 5.1p4 to say "The type of a nonpolymorphic named data
object...."  Polymorphic data objects have types.  Instead, we want "The
declared type of a named data object that is not unlimited polymorphic
or assumed type...."

The same applies in 5.2p1.

In the edit for [94:11-12], don't delete "a" before "variable".

R511 is OK.  Brackets are balanced.  Don't do the edit for [95:16].

In the edit for [103:15-16], keep the reference to and add one
to 5.5.9.

At [105:14], the connection to concerning VALUE is rather
obscure.  Looking at makes one wonder whether C1263 would be
better placed in 5.5.18.  If we want to leave C1263 in, and we
want a reference from 5.5.18, then we presumably also want a reference
from 5.5.12.

In the edit for [111:7] replace the underscore in <named-constant_def>
with a hyphen.

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