(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5639) Straw ballot on second draft corrigendum 4

Daniel C Chen cdchen
Mon Jan 25 10:57:26 EST 2016

> Please answer the following question "Is N2095, with the references and
> notes removed, acceptable for submission to SC22 for publication as
> Corrigendum 4 for Fortran 2008?" in one of these ways.
> 1) Yes.
> 2) Yes, but I recommend the following changes.
> 3) No, for the following reasons.
> 4) Abstain.

I vote "YES".



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Date:	01/21/2016 09:34
Subject:	(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5639) Straw ballot on second draft
            corrigendum 4
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Here is the second draft corrigendum 4, which includes all the changes
agreed in N2093 and N2094, and a straw ballot paper. Please vote before
9 a.m. (UK time) on February 4, 2016.

David says

"For each edit its source document plus change, if any, is appended to
the page and line location.  That means that, in theory, only edits
tagged by N2087 and N2092-94 need now be checked.  So far as I am
aware, the material in these documents has been strictly copied into
the corrigendum with the exception of the second new paragraph in
1.6.2 where I believe '1539-1' in f08/0141 should have been '1539'."

Thank you David for your careful work preparing this.


[attachment "N2095.pdf" deleted by Daniel C Chen/Toronto/IBM] [attachment
"N2096.txt" deleted by Daniel C Chen/Toronto/IBM]
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