(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5646) [ukfortran] Another comment on Corrigendum 4

Cohen Malcolm malcolm
Fri Jan 22 02:41:20 EST 2016

(1) No, subobject does not work, for exactly the same reason that we just 
added "potential subobject component".

(2) "potential subobject component" applies to objects as well as types. 
Just look at the definition - no limitation to types is implied inferred or 
stated.  Objects as well as types have components, and thus have potential 
subobject components.


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On Fri, 2016-01-22 at 13:45 +0900, Cohen Malcolm wrote:
> Thinking further about Van's example, it would seem that in
> >  C1278a An INTENT(OUT) dummy argument of a pure procedure shall not be
> >         polymorphic or have a polymorphic allocatable ultimate 
> > component.
> what we need instead of "ultimate component" is our new term "potential
> subobject component".

"potential subobject component" applies to types, not objects, so we
need "shall not be polymorphic with a declared (dynamic?) type that has
a polymorphic allocatable potential subobject component" or something
like that.

Would "subobject" work instead of "ultimate component"?  "subcomponent"
doesn't work.

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