(j3.2006) statement labels and scope

Bill Long longb
Fri Jan 15 16:53:37 EST 2016

On Jan 14, 2016, at 9:01 PM, Cohen Malcolm <malcolm at nag-j.co.jp> wrote:

> This is basic language: "scope" is always the scope "of something".  There 
> is no such thing as "a scope" in isolation; for that we have "scoping unit", 
> "inclusive scope", "scope of a statement", etc..

Thanks for the clarification. 

>From the definition 1.3.90, it appears that ?inclusive scope? is a scoping unit.  The term ?inclusive scope? is used when we talk about the places where a statement label is used (GOTO, ERR=, ?).  It might be clearer if the sentence in 3.2.5 could be reworded to be in terms of ?inclusive scope?, or add a sentence that the scope of a label is the inclusive scoping unit in which it appears.   This avoids having to look all the way back in clause 16 to understand what is being said in clause 3. 

Is there a reason the restrictions on statement labels are not constraints?  Violations seem like things compilers could determine at compile time. (At least one would hope.)


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