(j3.2006) Is there any use for the DIM argument of THIS_IMAGE?

Van Snyder van.snyder
Mon Jan 11 01:51:09 EST 2016

I cannot imagine a use for the DIM argument of THIS_IMAGE.  I can't
imagine wanting to know only one cosubscript.  If I did want to know
only one cosubscript, I would not find it onerous to put the list of
them into an array and look at the interesting element of that array.

As a consequence of having defined THIS_IMAGE the way we did, we can't
extend it to inquire what the cosubscripts of COARRAY would be on a
different image from the invoking one.

Using a function named THIS_IMAGE to inquire cosubscripts seems weird

Perhaps we can add a function COSUBSCRIPTS ( COARRAY [, IMAGE] ) that
returns the cosubscripts of COARRAY on the invoking image if IMAGE is
not present, or on IMAGE if it is present.

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