(j3.2006) Is EVENT_POST really an image-control statement?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Mon Jan 11 01:38:46 EST 2016

>8.5.1 says EVENT_POST is an image-control statement.

Not exactly.  EVENT POST is an image control statement though (no underscore 
and no hyphen).

>8.5.6 doesn't describe any action that could be considered an
>image-control action.

It does, but anyway, the fact is also that being an image control statement 
it is therefore a segment divider.  Being a segment divider certainly falls 
into the class of things that I would consider to be image control.

>  The closest it gets is to say that it updates the count atomically.

And, when you go off and read very next subclause to see what effect 
updating an event variable has, you come straightaway to the fact that it 
does a synchronisation with an EVENT WAIT statement.

>Is EVENT_POST really an image-control statement?



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