(j3.2006) edit for interp F08/0144

Cohen Malcolm malcolm
Thu Jan 7 23:55:33 EST 2016

The edit provided for F08/0144 does not say anything about child data 
transfer statements, nor should it, considering that is not the question 
being asked by F08/0144.

This would seem to be an additional question.

Also, since one cannot tell at compile time whether a data transfer 
statement is a child, any thought towards the prohibition of this would need 
a different kind of fix to the one in F08/0144.  We could mandate raising an 
error condition, or we could simply say it is not allowed and leave it up to 
the implementation to make mincemeat of the user's program.  Sounds like an 
interesting topic for the next meeting.


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The edit provided for interp F08/0144 appears to allow child
data transfer statements to be executed within a DO CONCURRENT
construct.  Did the committee intend to allow such usage?

An example would be if a procedure invoked by user-defined
derived-type editing contained a DO CONCURRENT loop that
executed a child data transfer statement on some or all of
its iterations.

User-defined derived-type editing hurts my brain enough
without the added complexity of interactions with

Robert Corbett
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