(j3.2006) Ian Harvey complains about F08/0142 (can't have a submodule of module with no separate module procedures)

Lionel, Steve steve.lionel
Tue Jan 5 13:48:54 EST 2016

>> I agree completely with Kurt.
>> Separate module procedures were designed to provide the desired 
>> functionality, and do provide that functionality, without compromising 
>> module integrity.
>> Looks like Ian Harvey's compiler does not enforce C1506.
>Or, maybe does not even support submodules.

Well, Ian does have ifort and ifort does enforce the constraint. I don't
know if he actually tried his example.

I have followed up in the newsgroup. I like Bill's suggested editorial
change. Thanks for the useful discussion.

Steve Lionel
Intel Developer Support
Merrimack, NH

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