(j3.2006) Are functions in intrinsic modules "intrinsic"?

Bill Long longb
Tue Nov 17 08:54:57 EST 2015

Thanks to Malcolm for pointing out the assumed-size problem.  

On Nov 16, 2015, at 10:25 PM, Damian Rouson <damian at sourceryinstitute.org> wrote:

> OpenCoarrays uses C_SIZE_OF(assumed-rank-dummy) and I recently had to add a C-preprocessor directive to work around the lack of the feature in compilers other than GCC. See line 473 at  https://github.com/sourceryinstitute/opencoarrays/blob/master/src/extensions/opencoarrays.F90, which reads

The prohibition of assumed-rank arguments to C_SIZEOF is part of a Constraint, so compilers are required to produce a diagnostic for violations. We usually issue ERROR level messages for constraint violations,  although I suppose WARNING would satisfy the requirements of the standard. Does gfortran produce a message?  How does GCC handle the assumed-size problem?


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