(j3.2006) Are functions in intrinsic modules "intrinsic"?

Bill Long longb
Fri Nov 13 18:05:03 EST 2015

Question came up today because of this constraint on assumed-rank:

C539 An assumed-rank variable name shall not appear in a designator or expression except as an actual argument that corresponds to a dummy argument that is assumed-rank, the argument of the function C_LOC from the intrinsic module ISO_C_BINDING (, or the first dummy argument of an intrinsic inquiry function.

If the functions in the intrinsic modules are ?intrinsic? then it seems unnecessary to specify C_LOC separately because it is already an ?inquiry function?.  But this interpretation would allow, for example, C_SIZEOF which is also an inquiry function in the ISO_C_BINDING module.  I don?t think we intended that. 

Is the only way we say that the module procedures are NOT ?intrinsic? by the fact that they are not included in the list of intrinsic functions in Clause 13?  Would it be clearer if we included a reference (13) following ?intrinsic inquiry function? at the end of the constraint. 


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