(j3.2006) implicit none ordering

Bill Long longb
Wed Nov 11 16:33:26 EST 2015

We have a constraint

	? C590  (R563) If IMPLICIT NONE is specified in a scoping unit, it shall precede any PARAMETER statements that appear in the scoping unit. No more than one IMPLICIT NONE statement shall appear in a scoping unit.

Which leads to comparison with Table 2.1 in 2.3.2 Statement ordering (page 33 in 15-007r2).  

Is the IMPLICIT NONE in C590 and in Table 2.1 only the version where there is no <implicit-none-spec>?   For example, is this allowed:

PARAMETER (x = 1.23)


1) Could the right middle box in Table 2.1 (Derived-type definitions ? and statement function statements) be shortened  by replacing some of the current entries with ?specification constructs??

2) Is the table correct, since executable constructs include BLOCK constructs, which can contain specification statements?


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