(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5502) Coarray Fortran on Windows

Keith Bierman khbkhb
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If you ever redo the project, you might check out "babun" for the base. It
provides 'pact' which is sortof like a yum|apt-get|port mechanism for
keeping everything up to date (including all of the base cgywin stuff).
Much cleaner than the setup.exe for cgywin itself.

The default shell is zsh, but bash is included in the core as well. The
base cgywin limitation that "ksh" is not really ksh (but is MirKsh) remains

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On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 4:10 PM, Walt Brainerd <walt.brainerd at gmail.com>

> I thought some you who don't read c.l.f might be interested in this.
> Sorry for duplications.
> In an attempt to make coarray Fortran available
> on Windows (in addition to Intel), I have built
> Gfortran 5.1 and the Openmpi and Opencoarrays
> libraries.
> This is available at www.fortran.com/CAF.zip
> You must have Cygwin installed to run it. It is for
> 64-bit systems only.
> I have run it on Windows 8.1 and 7.
> Based on my post in c.l.f, others have been able
> to run it successfully (and some have not).
> So, if you try it, please let us all know how
> it goes. Thanks.
> To install Coarray Fortran, download the zip
> file, unzip it, and execute the setup file
> produced. It is an installer, which sets up
> paths, etc..
> CAF.pdf contains detailed information about the
> installation and use of Coarray Fortran.
> And there are a few coarray programs to try.
> Please ignore the program job_list2.f90; I
> haven't yet gotten it to work and forgot that
> when I put it in with the examples.
> --
> Walt Brainerd
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