(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5447) [ukfortran] Response to TS ballot

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu Feb 19 21:30:29 EST 2015

Two spectacular misses.

I wrote:
I note that in the case of executing code
outside (but called from) a CHANGE TEAM construct, "innermost" has no meaning.

To which you propose to make the edit:
[14:29] Replace "construct" by "innermost executing CHANGE TEAM

Innermost has a good meaning if you accepted my other recommendation, that this 
effect be limited to code actually within a CHANGE TEAM construct, but you 
rejected that.

So I have to repeat again, "INNERMOST" HAS NO MEANING in the case of executing 
code outside (but called from) a CHANGE TEAM construct.  Innermost is a spacial 
term referring to the placement of statements and constructs *Lexically Within* 
other constructs.  It is not a temporal term referring to the order of 

Perhaps you mean something like "active CHANGE TEAM construct that most recently 
begun execution"?  In which case, that is something like what you need to say.

There could well be MANY "innermost" CHANGE TEAM constructs being executed...

I further note that you went without my suggestion of "whose END TEAM statement 
has a STAT= specifier".  It seems pointless to transfer control to an END TEAM 
statement without a STAT= specifier since that will immediately cause error 
termination.  If that is your intent, would it not be better to have error 
termination immediately (at the erring code) rather than in the END TEAM 
statement?  (The user will thank you for not throwing away the info about where 
the problem occurred!)  If that is not your intent, well...

I wrote:
- The syntax is "FAIL IMAGE <stop-code>".  I see no purpose in using the
<stop-code> BNF rule here.

You reply:
The <stop-code> BNF rule defines what the user can write.

...which is PRECISELY my complaint.  WHY is the user being limited in this way? 
Why on earth should this be required to be a constant expression?  The 
<stop-code> syntax is irregular and unnecessary.  Just make it an expression of 
type integer or character.  Or even just type character (there is no "process 
exit status" to be set here).

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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