(j3.2006) Select Rank

Van Snyder van.snyder
Wed Feb 18 16:03:50 EST 2015

Bill Long wrote:
> In general (my opinion) a Fortran program that requires preprocessing, or uses included files (either spelling), or has a build process that is anything beyond a simple make file is most likely poorly designed.  

We have #ifdef in about five places in our modestly-large code.  The 
only reason for it was to change some assumed-shape arrays to 
assumed-size arrays, because one processor insisted on taking a copy of 
an actual argument associated with an assumed-shape dummy, where the 
actual argument is a pointer or assumed-shape dummy argument, without 
checking whether the actual argument was contiguous.  We only changed a 
few places, because that's all our profiler told us to do.  We don't use 
that processor any more, so we could in principle remove the #ifdef's.  
The CONTIGUOUS attribute would eliminate the need for them.

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