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Tom Clune Thomas.L.Clune
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On Feb 18, 2015, at 2:57 AM, Malcolm Cohen <malcolm at nag-j.co.jp> wrote:

>> Is there a reason you're using Fortran's INCLUDE instead of
>> the preprocessor?
> I'm not Van, but if you're not using Fortran facilities it can be harder - by a 
> lot - to use software tools on your source, whether that is for program 
> transformation, analysis or QA purposes.

Agreed.  Unfortunately, for the codes that I typically support, that ship sailed long ago.   I?d be happy to simply reduce the number of _nested_ #ifdef?s in the _USE_ clauses for a typical module_ in one of the climate codes that I support.   We?ve simply had to make do without some otherwise useful tools.

> And there's not a single preprocessor, but multiple ones, varying from 
> slightly-divergent to completely different.  Not to mention that even if we go 
> "use cpp", plain old cpp is notorious for producing bad results for fixed-form 
> source (and occasionally subtle bugs even with free-form).  fpp is better, but 
> even so it's not official and not 100% portable.  And doesn't solve the tool 
> problem.

Hmm.  We?ve not had many difficulties related to these things.  Usually they are fixed just once in the makefile back in the time of antiquity.   Biggest issues we?ve had in years are related to OS X changing cpp versions without any change in the version number of their developer tools.  


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