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Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Feb 18 02:57:56 EST 2015

>Is there a reason you're using Fortran's INCLUDE instead of
>the preprocessor?

I'm not Van, but if you're not using Fortran facilities it can be harder - by a 
lot - to use software tools on your source, whether that is for program 
transformation, analysis or QA purposes.

And there's not a single preprocessor, but multiple ones, varying from 
slightly-divergent to completely different.  Not to mention that even if we go 
"use cpp", plain old cpp is notorious for producing bad results for fixed-form 
source (and occasionally subtle bugs even with free-form).  fpp is better, but 
even so it's not official and not 100% portable.  And doesn't solve the tool 

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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