(j3.2006) Fw: (j3-members.2015) Question about DO CONCURRENT

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Mon Feb 16 01:35:03 EST 2015

Daniel Chen writes:
I guess what I want to confirm is if Malcolm's example as it is (without BLOCK) 
is standard conforming.
If it is not, the standard doesn't seem have explicit restrictions to disallow 
If it is conforming, it doesn't seem have a well defined behavior by the current 
wording as well.

My example would have to be conforming; the standard has perfectly well defined 
behaviour for it - if it gets assigned a value by precisely one iteration the 
(outer) variable has that value on completing the loop, and if it gets assigned 
a value by more than one iteration, the outer variable becomes undefined on 
completing the loop (i.e. it became a per-iteration temp).  It's just that 
(because of the difficulty in knowing which case you actually have) the best 
level of performance might be unobtainable.

There are various strategies by which you might still get reasonable 
performance, e.g. by duplicating the variable to have an iteration-local one 
plus a writeback to the global one (that enables parallellisation of the loop 
but there is a small overhead of the extra variable).

Or the compiler vendor could issue a "performance warning" when spotting this 
kind of conditionally-assigned variable that "performance might be improved by 
declaring the variable local to the loop iterations with a BLOCK construct".  On 
the off-chance that this is an inner loop for which performance is critical, 
that could be good advice.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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