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Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Mon Feb 9 16:52:07 EST 2015

HI, Damian ? my mistake? Mark LeAir also caught that.  15-001 is correct ? you are an alternate to Karla.  My e-mail was incorrect when I stated that you were an alternate to Dan.

Thanks                                                              /Stan

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To: Whitlock, Stan
Cc: Karla Morris; Dan Nagle
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] (j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5444) latest J3 membership list

Hi Stan,

Correction: I'm an alternate to Karla.  The attachment you sent reflects this correctly, but the body of the email indicates that I'm an alternate to Dan.


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On Feb 9, 2015, at 1:34 PM, Morris, Karla NMN <knmorri at sandia.gov<mailto:knmorri at sandia.gov>> wrote:
Hi Damian

Is this correct?

What's up you supposed to be my alternate ;-(


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] (j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5444) latest J3 membership list

Please find attached the latest J3 membership list.  We have new members:

?        Tom Clune ? NASA

?        Mark LeAir ? Nvidia

?        Bob Scollard ? Nvidia ? Mark?s alternate

?        Damian Rouson ? an alternate to Dan

Please check your data and let me know by 20-Feb-2015 if there are any changes.

Thanks                                                              /Stan

PS: Dan ? please put 15-001 on the J3 web site in the m206 folder.  Thanks
<15-001 m206 Stan - Membership report.txt>
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