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Hi Daniel,

You sent this to the ?members-only? list, presumably that was unintentional.

No, this example is not valid as it violates the very first requirement of DO CONCURRENT:

  ?A variable that is referenced in an iteration shall either be previously defined during that iteration, or shall not be defined or become undefined during any other iteration.?

Obviously, iterations 1-3 do not define B at all, but reference it, whilst iterations 4+ define B, breaking the quoted rule.


From: Daniel C Chen 
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Subject: (j3-members.2015) Question about DO CONCURRENT


Is the following code standard conforming?

  Subroutine sub(n)
  Integer n
  Integer :: a, b, arr(10, 10)

  a = n
  b = 4
  Do Concurrent (integer :: i = 1:10, j = 1:10)
    If (a > 3) then
      b = 5
    End if
    arr(i,j) = b
  End Do

It seems OK from all the restrictions that the standard has. 

If it is legal, the compiler will be forced to do copies as the value of b can be from the intrinsic assignment outside of the DO CONCURRENT.

Is it the intention of the standard?



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