(j3.2006) VALUE attribute question

Bill Long longb
Thu Apr 30 11:33:15 EDT 2015

If a dummy argument has the VALUE attribute, variable used in the procedue is often a temp copy of the actual argument.  If the type has a FINAL routine, is the temp supposed to he finalized at the end of the procedure execution?  I don?t see where the standard says that happens, but the temp seems similar to a local variable of the procedure and some of those do get finalized at the end of the procedure execution.   Of course, if the dummy argument with VALUE is never defined in the procedure, there is no reason to make a temp copy (an obvious optimization if the argument is an array), and in that case finalization would be a bad idea.   It?s not clear how we would say ?only in the case where a temp is made? in the standard.


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