(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5472) J3/15-159 - J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #33 - due 24-Apr-2015

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Apr 22 01:52:22 EDT 2015

Daniel Chen writes:
-N-  ---  F08/0128  Is recursive USE within a submodule permitted?
The NO vote is to A2.
If a module does not have any module procedure interface body,
submodules extends such a module are useless.

Although I agree that a submodule extending a module with no mpib, or a 
submodule that has no outstanding undefined mpibs, is not at all useful, it 
really does not have anything to do with the interp as such.

Example m2 has "..." indicating that declarations in the module were omitted as 
being not germane to the question (of whether it has any mpib).  We could add an 
explicit one to the module, but since it has nothing to do with the 
accessibility of variable A or the protection of variable B, it would seem to be 
completely irrelevant to the question being asked.

Unless I am mistaken, the submodule TR definitely allowed uselessly extending a 
module or submodule.  But I would have no particular problem with disallowing 
that in F2008, if everyone else agrees.  It's pretty late in the day for doing 
that, but not so many people have implemented submodules yet...

But it really is a separate issue, and should be answered via a separate interp.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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