(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5472) J3/15-159 - J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #33 - due 24-Apr-2015

Tom Clune Thomas.L.Clune
Tue Apr 7 08:37:20 EDT 2015

Yes  No   Number    Title
-Y- ?  F08/0126  Can cobounds be referenced in the same type
-C-  ?  F08/0127  May an initial line begin with a semicolon?
Seems to be a trivial/unnecessary restriction.  But use case also seems to be equally trivial/unnecessary.

-Y-  ?  F08/0128  Is recursive USE within a submodule permitted?
-Y-  ?  F08/0129  Is CLASS(type) required to refer to a prior type
-Y-  ?  F08/0130  Does coarray allocation sync even with stopped
-Y-  ?  F08/0131  Are the changes to C_LOC in the 2010 revision
-Y-  ?  F08/0132  Can a procedure pointer be declared with an
                                  interface block?
-Y-  ?  F08/0133  Is unallocated actual associated with
                                     nonallocatable dummy OK?
-Y-  ?  F08/0134  <stat-variable> in an image control statement
-Y-  ?  F08/0135  Vector subscripted actual makes VALUE dummy
-Y-  ?  F08/0136  Argument correspondence with VALUE and
-Y-  ?  F08/0137  Result of TRANSFER when MOLD is an array with
                                  element size zero
> The text of these interpretations is attached.  Each interpretation
> starts with a row of "-"s.
> Please mark the above -Y- in the Yes column for "yes", -C- in the Yes
> column for "yes with comment", or -N- in the No column for a "no"
> answer {be sure to include your reasons with "no"} and send only the
> above text {not this entire mail message} with any comments to
>         j3 at j3-fortran.org
> by 11:59:59PM, PDT, Friday, 24-Apr-2015, in order to be counted.
> Thanks                         /Stan
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