(j3.2006) Question about deferred length type parameters

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Wed Sep 24 18:29:18 EDT 2014

If a pointer has deferred length type parameters, what becomes of them
when the pointer association status becomes disassociated ( or
undefined (  Do they remain defined (assuming they were
defined), or do they become undefined?

6.4.5 and 13.7.94 say you can't inquire them, but are there other cases?
One case I can imagine is that one establishes their values using
pointer assignment or allocation, deallocates the pointer, then
establishes an association status for it using C_F_POINTER.  Do the
deferred length parameters of FPTR thereby have defined values?

Do we need to specify in 4.2p8 that the initial values of deferred
length type parameters of a pointer are undefined, unless the pointer is
initially associated?  6.4.5 and 13.7.94 say you can't inquire them if
the pointer is not associated, but what if it became associated using
C_F_POINTER, which cannot assign values to deferred length parameters?

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