(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5332) J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #31 revised - due 6-Oct-2014

Bill Long longb
Tue Sep 23 11:08:17 EDT 2014

On Sep 11, 2014, at 10:19 PM, Whitlock, Stan <stan.whitlock at intel.com> wrote:

> The following Fortran interpretations are being balloted:
> Yes  No   Number     Title
> -Y-  ---  F08/0108   ultimate components and coarrays
> ?  -N-  F08/0109   LOCK_TYPE and unlimited polymorphic
> -Y-  ---  F08/0112   STAT= and ERRMSG= in ALLOCATE and DEALLOCATE
> -Y-  ---  F08/0113   Specifiers in image control statements
> -Y-  ---  F08/0114   Can LOCK_TYPE components have the POINTER attribute?

Comments for F08/0109:

The example Q3 has a variable, C, of type LOCK_TYPE that is not a coarray. This violates C1302.   Answer A3 is wrong. 

For the same reason the example Q4 is defective and answer A4 is wrong.   

The example code in Q5 is also defective, although could be repaired by changing the declaration of X to 

       TYPE(LOCK_TYPE),SAVE :: X[*]

That seems to be sufficient to make answer A5 acceptable. 

As Van noted, in the edit for [127:8-9] C643 should be C642.


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