(j3.2006) 14-007r2 is now available

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Sun Sep 21 21:49:40 EDT 2014

Hi folks,

14-007r2 is finally available, in the /Edit folder of the member area only, as

I am sure that it will be available on the normal web site shortly (I failed my 
attempt to upload it).

My editor's report will follow in due course, but since I am about to go on 
holiday for a week that might be a while.  I rejected 3 papers (172, 175r3, and 
191r3).  I added UTI 010.  No UTIs were resolved.

I worked from my own meeting notes ... I hope I did not miss out any papers, but 
if I did, my apologies.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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