(j3.2006) CFI_establish questions

Lionel, Steve steve.lionel
Wed Oct 29 12:16:29 EDT 2014

I have some questions about CFI_establish that seem unanswered by either the
TS or 14-007r2. I hope some light can be shed on this for me.


14-007r2 says, for the elem_len argument:

"If the type is equal to CFI type struct, CFI type other, or a Fortran
character type code, elem_-

len shall be greater than zero and equal to the storage size in bytes of an
element of the object.

        Otherwise, type will be ignored."


First, is the intention that if the type is not struct, other or character,
CFI_establish will fill in the elem_len field on its own, based on its
knowledge of type? I could infer this from the general instruction to create
an "established C descriptor", but it seems rather vague.


Second, the "Otherwise, type will be ignored." seems like an incorrect edit
(it wasn't expressed that way in the TS.) I assume it means to say elem-len
will be ignored, but I really think it should say what value is stored in
the elem_len field of the descriptor (see previous question.)


Next question: if rank is non-zero but base_addr is zero, what, if anything,
should CFI_establish do with the dim field of the descriptor? The text says
that the extents argument is ignored in this case. I suppose it does no harm
to leave these undefined, but it bothers me to do so.


Steve Lionel

Intel Developer Support

Merrimack, NH


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