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Van Snyder Van.Snyder
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On Tue, 2014-10-21 at 13:15 +0000, Bill Long wrote:

> If not, then a pleasant walk, such as the past experience in London,
> Garching, Delft, Tokyo, Desden, and  Markham.

The walk in Garching was 1.2 miles.
The 2001 London meeting in Chiswick was 1.7 miles from the hotel in
Ravenscourt.  I just took the bus.
My hotel in London, near Russell Square was 1.4 miles from the BSI
building on Southampton.  I took the tube.
The walk in Delft was 1.6 miles.  I took the train.

> I?m not sure I?d count a mile in LA in the middle of the summer as a
> ?pleasant walk?. 

Summer generally isn't unpleasant in Pasadena.  See

No mosquitos, humidity be less than 15%, high temperatures average
84-91F, and atmospheric pressure around 1000 hPa.  In February and
October, there are no mosquitos, and no snow.  Rain is common in
February, but rare from May to October.

Compare to Las Vegas:
with average high temperatures 99-104F.

> But, getting from LAX to Caltech basically involves renting a car anyway.

Unlike Boulder.... (ummm, no, just like Boulder)

Cheapest round-trip air fares (coach) quoted today at travelocity for
the last complete week of 2015 (they wouldn't quote 2016), assuming
Makki can't come earlier (19-27 Jun for LHR and NAR, 20-27 Jun for MSP,
SFO and OAK):

     LHR     MSP    SFO    OAK    NAR
LAX  $1218   $236   $170   $170   $909    Meeting in Pasadena
LAS  $1264   $236   $212   $136   $1032   Meeting in Las Vegas
DEN  $1217   $176   $255   $269   $1063   Meeting in Boulder

Boulder looks pretty good for Bill, Dan, and those coming from London...
until you include a round-trip shuttle:

     LHR     MSP    SFO    OAK    NAR     Shuttle
LAX  $1278   $296   $230   $230   $969    $60
LAS  $1264   $236   $212   $136   $1032   $0
DEN  $1283   $242   $221   $335   $1139   $66

Or a car instead of a shuttle:

     LHR     MSP    SFO    OAK    NAR     Car
LAX  $1361   $379   $313   $313   $1052   $143
LAS  $1374   $346   $322   $246   $1142   $110
DEN  $1386   $345   $324   $438   $1242   $169

Add the hotel, and Boulder is the least expensive only for Dan.

There are three hotels in Pasadena rated as good as or better than the
Pasadena Hilton.  Today on Trivago, for 20-27 Jun 2015 (they won't quote
2016), Vagabond Inn (0.71mi from Caltech) is offering $96/night, Hilton
(1.08 mi) is offering $169/night, Howard Johnson (1.09mi) is offering
$79/night.  The Courtyard Inn (2.13mi) is offering $99/night.  Valerie
might be able to get us a better rate, and a free on-site meeting room,
at the Courtyard Inn.

There is a bus, called Pasadena ARTS route 10, that stops at two corners
of the Caltech campus eastbound, and one corner westbound.  Usual fare
is $0.75; senior (60+) fare is $0.35.  It runs every 18 minutes on
weekdays.  It also passes within two blocks of two Gold Line (light
rail) stations in Pasadena.  It also passes within two blocks of the
Pasadena Hilton and Courtyard Inn, and within three blocks of the
Vagabond Inn and Howard Johnson Hotel.

The fare on public transport, from LAX to Pasadena, using the FlyAway
bus to Union Station plus the Gold Line train, is $8.00.  The FlyAway
bus stops at every terminal at LAX, and at Union Station (nowhere
between).  The Courtyard Inn is across the street from one of the
Pasadena Gold Line stops.

Both the Hilton and Courtyard are convenient to Old Pasadena, with
numerous excellent restaurants, the Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena
Library, movie theaters, ....  The Norton Simon Museum is a bit west of
the Courtyard Inn.  The Pacific Asia Museum is very close to the Hilton.
See http://www.oldpasadena.org/.

There are several concerts and other events per week most of June in the
park across the street from the Courtyard Inn.  See

Should I investigate a meeting at Caltech with lodging at Hilton or
Vagabond, or a meeting at the Pasadena Courtyard Inn?

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