(j3.2006) Constructing 15-010

Van Snyder van.snyder
Sat Oct 18 16:13:19 EDT 2014

I'm constructing 15-010.

Everything in N1982 is finished.

Should 15-010 include UK-13 (I/O Error conditions, 14-175r3), UK-14 
(minimal exponent width, 14-176r2), and US-18 (type-spec for 
ac-do-variable, 14-101r1), under the rubric "Required work items"?

N1982 (the work plan adopted at Delft) doesn't include them.

There were straw votes reported in the minutes of the June WG5 meeting, 
N2020, for UK-13 (9-1-5), UK-14 (7-1-6) and US-18 (8-0-7).  The 
resolutions don't mention them.

The term "work plan" does not appear in the June WG5 meeting minutes, 
and as far as I can tell, a revised work plan was not produced

US-18 was completed at J3 meeting 204 by 14-202.  UK-13 was completed at 
J3 meeting 205 by 14-270.  UK-14 was completed at J3 meeting 204 by 
14-176r2.  J3 204 was concurrent with the WG5 meeting

The problem is that I can't find where UK-13, UK-14, and UK-18 were 
authorized as work items.  Are the straw votes recorded in the June WG5 
minutes good enough?  Is the fact that 14-176r2 and 14-202 were not 
rejected during the concurrent WG5 meeting at which J3 proposed and 
passed them good enough evidence that UK-14 and US-18 are part of the 
WG5 work plan?

Where are the WG5 authorizations for UK-13, UK-14, and US-18?  Are the 
straw votes in June 2014 good enough?

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