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Hi Robert,

Noted.  I agree it's better to change true to 1 and false to 0 than to state 
explicitly that true and false are from <stdbool.h>.


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I recently discussed paper 14-220 with a member of Oracle's C++ team.  He
pointed out that the identifiers "true" and "false" used in Paragraph 2 of
subclause 15.2.2 [441:26] do not have fixed meanings in C99 or C11.  The
identifier "_Bool" is a keyword, and so it has a fixed meaning.  The identifiers
"true" and "false" are reserved identifiers but not keywords.  They can have
different meanings in different contexts.  The C standard requires <stdbool.h>
to define "true" to be a macro "which expands to the integer constant 1" and
"false" to be a macro "which expands to the integer constant 0."  A possible
edit is to replace (_Bool)true with (_Bool)1 and (_Bool)false with (_Bool)0.

Robert Corbett
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