(j3.2006) contradiction in CO_REDUCE

John Reid John.Reid
Thu Jan 16 16:14:22 EST 2014

Bill Long wrote:
> Deepak from Univ of Houston pointed out a contradiction we have in the specification of CO_REDUCE.  We say that OPERATOR ?shall be a pure elemental function with two arguments...?.  But C1234 prohibits such a procedure as an actual argument. !!    We can fix this by changing the requirement for OPERATOR to ?shall be a pure function with two scalar argument??.

Surely we want it to be elemental since SOURCE may be any array. Note 
that SUM, MAX, MIN are elemental. How about adding this as an exception 
on C1234:

C1234 (R1223) A nonintrinsic elemental procedure shall not be used as an 
actual argument except in an invocation of the intrinsic subroutine 


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