(j3.2006) 14-123r1

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu Feb 13 20:10:22 EST 2014

(1) Says
  "This leave one more problem:  If a file is opened with a POSITION =
  'rewind' specifier, then some records are transferred, then an OPEN
  statement is executed to change a changeable mode, with the POSITION =
  specifier appeasring again, necessarily with the value 'rewind', not
  'asis', is the file rewound?"

This is covered already
  If the POSITION= specifier appears in such an OPEN statement, the value 
specified shall not disagree with the current position of the file."

i.e. what you are arguing about is invalid and always has been.

(2) Complaining about handwaving is all very fine but unless an actual technical 
problem exists is just mindless complaining.

The editor is unlikely to take kindly to requests to insert "unresolved 
TECHNICAL issues" without an identified TECHNICAL issue.  In particular, 
although the text being complained about here could certainly do with some 
cleanup, there appears to be no actual technical issue.  Just put it on your own 
list of editorial things it would be nice to do.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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