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> Just in case somebody is interested?.

Kind of sad that the list of array languages omits Fortran, unless the intent is to talk about how these other languages can be ?upgraded? to be more like Fortran.   Also, after Fortran, the language that probably has the most use of array operations is C++/Boost which is curiously also not mentioned.  Maybe the organizers need a dollar and directions to Jake?s. 



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> Subject: SIGPLAN Posting (Upcoming Events and Deadlines)
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> ARRAY '14: ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Libraries, Languages
> and Compilers for Array Programming Co-located with PLDI 2014,
> Edinburgh, UK.
> A full-day workshop on Friday June 13th, following the main conference.
> Focus and Description
> Array-oriented programming is a powerful abstraction for compactly
> implementing numerically intensive algorithms. Many modern languages
> now provide some support for collective array operations, which are
> used by an increasing number of programmers (and non-programmers) for
> data analysis and scientific computing. This workshop is intended to
> bring together researchers from many different communities, including
> language designers, library developers and compiler researchers, who
> are working on numeric languages such as R and MATLAB, general-purpose
> dynamic languages such as Python and JavaScript, and statically typed
> languages such as Haskell, Scala, and C#. The aim of this workshop is
> to foster the cross-pollination of concepts across projects and
> research communities and to explore new directions, such as:=20
> * Expanding the scope of array programming to encompass a wider range
>   of data types and computations.
> * Transparently utilizing parallel hardware (multi-core, SIMD, GPU,
>   FPGA) by leveraging the implicitly parallel semantics of array
>   operations.
> * Simplifying the embedding of array constructs within existing
>   languages which weren't designed for numerical computing.
> * Connections between array abstractions and other models such as
>   dataflow programming, stream programming, and data parallelism.
> * High-level compilation and optimization techniques for
>   array-oriented programs.
> * Compilers, virtual machines and frameworks for array-oriented
>   programming languages.
> Important Dates
> Paper submissions: Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 (Anytime on Earth)
> Notification of authors: Friday, April 18th, 2014
> Submission of camera-ready copies: Wednesday,May 7th, 2014
> Workshop date:	Friday, June 13th, 2014
> Submissions
> Submissions should be four to six-page papers in ACM SIGPLAN
> proceedings style. Submissions may be one of the following:
> * research paper on any topic related to the focus of the workshop
> * tool description reporting on a tool relevant to the topic of the
>   workshop. In the case of a tool description the workshop
>   presentation should include a demo of the tool, and the submission
>   should include a short appendix summarizing the tool demo. This
>   appendix is for the information of the PC only, and will not be
>   part of the published paper, nor does it count in the six page
>   limit.  Papers can now be submitted using EasyChair
> Publication
> Accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library.=20
> Schedule
> This will be a full day workshop. Schedule details will be available
> after papers have been accepted.
> Organizing Committee
> Laurie Hendren (Chair), McGill University, Canada
> Alex Rubinsteyn, New York University, USA
> Mary Sheeran, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
> Jan Vitek, Purdue University, USA
> Program Committee
> The program committee includes all members of the organizing committee,
> plus the following members:
> James Bergstra, University of Waterloo, Canada
> Clemens Grelck, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands
> David Grove, IBM, USA
> Tatiana Shpeisman, Intel, USA
> Special notes for students
> SIGPLAN PAC funding: Because ARRAY 14 is sponsored by SIGPLAN, you are
> eligible to apply for SIGPLAN PAC funding if you are the presenter or
> co-author of a paper.
> PLDI 2014 Student Research Competition: Maximize your visibility and
> get the most out of your trip to PLDI 14 and ARRAY 14 by entering the
> PLDI 2014 Student Research Competition.
> Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN
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