(j3.2006) Draft 14-010r1

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Feb 5 21:57:17 EST 2014

There is nothing here about 13-008r1 (which includes corrigenda 1 and 2).

In my opinion N2005 should not appear, since I did not and will not ever use 
that document to do anything with whatsoever.

Furthermore, ALL of the edits in corrigendum 3 have been completely applied to 
the standard.  I am finished with it.  UTI are UTI, those are a separate issue. 
They do not count as not having done the edits, since the edits have in fact 
been done.


please split N2005 item into
      (a) "apply 13-008r1" or "apply editorial and corrigenda 1-2", paper 
13-008r1 status SXE.
      (b) "apply corrigendum 3", paper N2002, status SXE.

Thanks in advance,

BTW I don't see why the "X" status is omitted, which it is even for items that 
have syntax and that syntax was agreed (e.g. 319r1).  Even the most trivial 
syntax e.g. "No new syntax" or "no new syntax, obsolescence only" is agreeing 
the syntax of the item...


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Subject: (j3.2006) Draft 14-010r1

Here's a draft of 14-010r1.  It will almost certainly change after the
meeting, so it shouldn't go on the server yet.

I replaced 13-244r1 as specs for US-14 with 13-356.

I deleted 13-323r1 from the Edits column for UK-10.2f (Obsolesce FORALL
construct), and deleted the "E" from the SXE column.

I added an "Incorporate corrigenda" row, referencing N2005.

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