(j3.2006) Function returning procedure pointers

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu Dec 25 01:07:45 EST 2014

Hi folks,

Why did we pass an interp to make these happen?  They are really horrible, and 
violate our usual design rule of encapsulating things in derived types when 
building bigger things - whereas with these one can have a pointer to a function 
returning a pointer to a function returning a pointer to a function ... 
(unbounded recursion).

It's not that it's impossible to implement, but it's really horrid.  Does anyone 
accept the following yet?

Module junk
  Character(2) Function f0()
    f0 = 'ok'
  End Function
  Function f1()
    Procedure(f0),Pointer :: f1
    f1 => f0
  End Function
  Function f2()
    Procedure(f1),Pointer :: f2
    f2 => f1
  End Function
  Function f3()
    Procedure(f2),Pointer :: f3
    f3 => f2
  End Function
  Function f4()
    Procedure(f3),Pointer :: f4
    f4 => f3
  End Function
End Module
Program test
  Use junk
  Procedure(f0),Pointer :: p0
  Procedure(f1),Pointer :: p1
  Procedure(f2),Pointer :: p2
  Procedure(f3),Pointer :: p3
  Procedure(f4),Pointer :: p4
  p4 => f4
  p3 => p4()
  p2 => p3()
  p1 => p2()
  p0 => p1()
  Print *,p0()
End Program

Luckily we don't have to handle p4()()()()().  Yet.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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