(j3.2006) Multiple & on free-form continuation?

Lionel, Steve steve.lionel
Wed Aug 27 14:57:41 EDT 2014

Ian Harvey sent me the following amusing source:


  PRINT "(A)", 'There is something ' & &

    // 'wrong with this statement.'



and noted that Intel Fortran failed to diagnose this as an error. I can read
the words in the standard as not disallowing this. says:


If a noncharacter context is to be continued, an "&" shall be the last
nonblank character on the line, or the last nonblank character before an


An & is the last nonblank character, just not the only &. I don't see any
words that prohibit multiple "&" characters at the end of a continued line.


gfortran doesn't like this one.


Also interesting:


  PRINT "(A)", "Is there something & &

& wrong with this statement?"


Intel Fortran accepts this and treats the first & as an ordinary character -
gfortran does the same, and I think I can justify this from the text in
paragraph 4.


Is the first case interp fodder?


Steve Lionel

Intel Developer Support

Merrimack, NH


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