(j3.2006) 13-012 J3 Emeritus and friends from m200

Kurt W Hirchert hirchert
Sat Aug 9 20:39:09 EDT 2014

On 8/9/2014 12:39 PM, Whitlock, Stan wrote:
> Kurt W. Hirchert
> Department of Atmospheric Sciences
> University of Illinois
> 105 S. Gregory
> Urbana  IL  61801
> Email:hirchert at atmos.uiuc.edu
> Phone: (217) 265-0327
> Fax:   (217) 244-4393
I hadn't realized you were still using such old info.  I retired from 
Atmospheric Sciences (and the University) at the same time I left J3.  I 
suggest replacing it with the following:

Kurt W. Hirchert
1502 Sandpiper Lane
Champaign  IL  61821

Email:    hirchert at uiuc.edu    or    hirchert at illinois.edu

Phone:    (217) 398-8506

As far as I know, the two e-mail addresses above are functionally 
equivalent.  uiuc.edu was the original domain for the University of 
Illinois (at Urbana-Champaign) and is the address used in the J3 e-mail 
list.  illinois.edu is how the powers that be are trying to rebrand the 
University on-line.   Both route through the same set of servers.


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