(j3.2006) free source form continuations

John Reid John.Reid
Sat Aug 9 10:04:37 EDT 2014

Robert Corbett wrote:
> A user recently asserted that code such as
> is standard conforming and that Oracle Solaris Studio Fortran incorrectly
> rejects it.  Oracle Solaris Studio Fortran treats the first two lines as
> equivalent to
> and rejects the code because there is no space between the two intended tokens
> as required by Subclause paragraph 2.  The user asserts that the tokens
> PROGRAM and MAIN are distinct tokens because the second line does not start with
> an "&" as required by Subclause paragraph 3.
> Do the rules for free source form continuation cover such code?  If so, what is
> the intended interpretation?

I am with you. contains the rules that say this. PROGRAM and 
MAIN are indeed distinct tokens - they are not permitted to be jammed 
together in this way.



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