(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5230) Ballot result

John Reid John.Reid
Thu Apr 17 05:12:59 EDT 2014


I am not sure what result to attribute to the ballot. While the tally is 
6-4-2, I am inclined to say that it has failed - we have not reached 
consensus. Nevertheless, the comments are far less severe this time and 
I would like to ask J3 to prepare a revised version for approval by WG5 
at the end of the June meeting without a further ballot.

It would still mean that we are behind our agreed schedule (see N1979):

     Edits agreed by J3               2013-10  J3
     WG5 ballot of draft              2013-10
     PDTS ballot initiated            2013-11

Instead we would have:

     Edits agreed by J3               2014-06  J3
     WG5 ballot of draft              2014-06  WG5 meeting
     PDTS ballot initiated            2014-07

Let's do our best to avoid getting any further behind.


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