(j3.2006) TS18508: CO_REDUCE - and allocatable/pointer components

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Apr 9 20:31:42 EDT 2014

When I think of an implementation, I would transfer on one image the variable of 
a remote image and then invoke the intrinsic function using the local and the 
fetched variable.

However, the fetching of the variable becomes way more complicated when the 
SOURCE= argument is permitted to be a derived type with allocatable and - in 
particular - pointer components. Those components could also be polymorphic 
which makes things even more complicated.

No, the pointer components are almost trivial.  I don't see how polymorphic 
enters into it.  Associated pointer components from a remote image are 
undefined, so the "fetch" produces a value whose pointer components are either 
disassociated (the only good case) or undefined.

So just blat the bits of the pointer component across, and when the world blows 
up in the user's face say "your bug".

The only case where a pointer component might not be undefined would be where 
the image looking at the result is looking at one that is the result of calling 
the function on that image.  Since CO_REDUCE doesn't say which images execute 
the function references, it would seem impossible to rely on in any case.

It *might* be worth actually saying right out that any pointer components of the 
result of CO_REDUCE will be disassociated or undefined.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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