(j3.2006) TS18508: CO_REDUCE - and allocatable/pointer components

Tobias Burnus burnus
Wed Apr 9 17:22:17 EDT 2014

Reading N2007 permits the following as argument to CO_REDUCE:

"SOURCE shall not be polymorphic. It shall have the same type and type 
parameters on all images of the current team"

When I think of an implementation, I would transfer on one image the 
variable of a remote image and then invoke the intrinsic function using 
the local and the fetched variable.

However, the fetching of the variable becomes way more complicated when 
the SOURCE= argument is permitted to be a derived type with allocatable 
and - in particular - pointer components. Those components could also be 
polymorphic which makes things even more complicated.

Was it intended to permit that much? Or did I miss some fine print?

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