(j3.2006) Use of STAT_FAILED_IMAGE in TS 18508 subclause A.2.1

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Mon Apr 7 20:17:02 EDT 2014

What is the use of STAT_FAILED_IMAGE in TS 18508 subclause A.2.1?

The STATUS argument from EVENT_QUERY is compared to STAT_FAILED_IMAGE at

The description of the STATUS argument of EVENT_QUERY in subclause
7.4.11 merely says "it is assigned the value 0 if no error condition
occurs and a processor-defined positive value if an error condition

Under what conditions is it assigned the value STAT_FAILED_IMAGE (or
STAT_STOPPED_IMAGE)?  If it is ever assigned one of those values, which
image is it that failed or stopped?

Presumably, since no image number argument is present, EVENT_QUERY is
either looking at its own EVENT, or, if EVENT is a coindexed variable,
it's looking at the specified one.  If it's looking at its own EVENT the
image presumably is not stopped or failed, else the call didn't get
executed and the STATUS cannot be examined.  Since the <event-variable>
in an EVENT WAIT statement cannot be coindexed, there seems to be no
point to sending a coindexed EVENT argument to EVENT_QUERY -- why would
an image care about another image's event count?  Maybe that ought to be
prohibited.  If EVENT is not coindexed, the STATUS certainly will not be

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