(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5214) WG23 for extinction ...

Daniel C Chen cdchen
Mon Apr 7 09:55:17 EDT 2014


I got the same ballot request from SCC (Standard Council of Canada). I have
replied it with pretty much what Dan said.



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From:	Dan Nagle <danlnagle at me.com>
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Since WG23 has not yet published the revision of their TS
with the Fortran Annex, it?s premature to disband them.
See J3/14-131r1 for more.

After the next revision of 24772 is published, you may have
other views.

On Apr 5, 2014, at 05:10 , Toon Moene <toon at moene.org> wrote:

> I just got the following message on the mailing list for the Dutch
> Programming Lanuages Committee:
> Livelink action: added - 2014-04-01
> ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22/N4912/MISC
> Ter goedkeuring                         reactie gevraagd voor: 2014-06-17
> U.S. Request for Ballot on Disbandment of SC 22/WG 23, Vulnerabilities
> I.e., whether we are OK with disbanding WG23 (reaction before 17th of
> June 2014).
> How should I advise to vote ?
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Dan Nagle

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