(j3.2006) Fwd: Serious Copyright Infringement of An ISO(International Organization for Standardization) English Standard

Bill Long longb
Thu Apr 3 08:18:02 EDT 2014

On Apr 2, 2014, at 7:01 PM, Malcolm Cohen <malcolm at nag-j.co.jp> wrote:

> David Muxworthy wrote:
>> 10-007r1 does not include the word ?copyright? and is explicitly a WD, an 
>> internal working document of J3 (although an earlier document described itself 
>> as an FCD).  It seems Attributor Corporation are on a fishing trip to impress 
>> ISO.  They should at least be told that they have got their facts wrong.
> Quite.  IMO we should not have taken it down, though that is easy to say when it 
> is not my head on the block if a lawsuit ensues.
> I could change the footer to "Copyright The United Fortran Committees of Planet 
> Earth" to make it look even less like an ISO document if you like...!
> I did think that the language on the WG5 links page could be adjusted a bit to 
> indicate more strongly that this is not the real standard.  I don't have 
> particular words in mind though, not yet anyway; maybe something like 
> "unofficial committee draft" or maybe better to avoid the word "draft" 
> altogether.

Perhaps ?working document? instead of ?draft?. 


> And maybe I should remove or modify the ISO boilerplate re "PDF disclaimer" as 
> it currently mentions ISO member bodies... maybe that is what triggered this?
> Cheers,
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