(j3.2006) Fwd: Serious Copyright Infringement of An ISO(International Organization for Standardization) English Standard

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Apr 2 20:01:25 EDT 2014

David Muxworthy wrote:
>10-007r1 does not include the word ?copyright? and is explicitly a WD, an 
>internal working document of J3 (although an earlier document described itself 
>as an FCD).  It seems Attributor Corporation are on a fishing trip to impress 
>ISO.  They should at least be told that they have got their facts wrong.

Quite.  IMO we should not have taken it down, though that is easy to say when it 
is not my head on the block if a lawsuit ensues.

I could change the footer to "Copyright The United Fortran Committees of Planet 
Earth" to make it look even less like an ISO document if you like...!

I did think that the language on the WG5 links page could be adjusted a bit to 
indicate more strongly that this is not the real standard.  I don't have 
particular words in mind though, not yet anyway; maybe something like 
"unofficial committee draft" or maybe better to avoid the word "draft" 

And maybe I should remove or modify the ISO boilerplate re "PDF disclaimer" as 
it currently mentions ISO member bodies... maybe that is what triggered this?

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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