(j3.2006) Fwd: Serious Copyright Infringement of An ISO (International Organization for Standardization) English Standard

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Tue Apr 1 19:39:51 EDT 2014

> Infringing URL: http://j3-fortran.org/doc/standing/links/007.pdf

It's been taken down so I don't know what this was ... but if it was a link to 
the DIS, that would be our mistake.  As a general rule, if the document itself 
says it is "Copyright ISO", then we cannot leave it up long-term.

Van Snyder wrote:
>Does ISO own the copyright to our drafts?

Not to the working drafts.  Yes to the DIS.  Maybe not to the initial CD, don't 
know about the FCD, but as a simple rule if the document itself says it is 
copyright ISO (and all the near-final drafts do), we would have a hard time 
arguing that it is not!

>  If not, post a link to 12-007
>or 10-007r1 on the "standing" page.

Please no.  The current 007 is 14-007 (hopefully soon to be replaced).

It might be nice for 007 to at least appear in the list with its description.  I 
personally virtually never use the standing document links (because none of them 
say which version they link to), so especially given its size (and the tendency 
for this page to become outdated) I would be happy for there not to be any 
actual link for 007, just its description.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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