(j3.2006) MOVE_ALLOC with coarrays: Add STAT= for STAT_STOPPED_IMAGE?

Bader, Reinhold Reinhold.Bader
Wed Oct 23 14:14:51 EDT 2013

I agree. 

Also, even if the DEALLOCATE in itself does not fail, adding the STAT is necessary to enable continuing execution with failed images in the current team (as far as the TS is concerned).


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> Hi all,
> this email is motivated by a question in comp.lang.fortran by someone
> who observed that ALLOCATE/DEALLOCATE statements have a STAT=/ERRMSG=
> while MOVE_ALLOC doesn't.
> For noncoarrays, I think MOVE_ALLOC can be treated as any user procedure
> with intent(out) allocatable arguments, for which also no error
> diagnostic exists and where deallocation is unlikely to fail.
> However, for coarrays MOVE_ALLOC is also an image control statement ?
> and collective deallocation is much more likely to fail (e.g. with
> STAT_STOPPED_IMAGE). Thus, one might consider adding "dealloc-opt"-like
> optional dummy arguments for error recovery.
> Tobias
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