(j3.2006) Comment concerning TEAM_TYPE

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Tue Oct 8 21:08:26 EDT 2013

Apart from
(a) C492 is not meant to be talking about ancestor components, that is C491. 
Looks like C492 is poorly worded!
we have
(b) the ancestor component is default-initialised: read

End of story.

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On Wed, 2013-10-09 at 09:15 +0900, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>   type,extends(team_type) :: team_kludge
>   end type
>   type(team_kludge),parameter :: kludge = team_kludge()

C492 says

        A <component-spec> shall be provided for a nonallocatable
        component unless it has default initialization or is inheritance
        associated with a subcomponent of another component for which a
        <component-spec> is provided.

I don't see how C492 allows this.  The ancestor component is
nonallocatable and does not have default initialization.  It is
inheritance associated, but, since no <component-spec> appears at all,
the ancestor component cannot be associated with a subcomponent of it.

Is there something I'm missing here?

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