(j3.2006) Comment concerning TEAM_TYPE

Bill Long longb
Tue Oct 8 16:07:31 EDT 2013

On 10/7/13 11:56 PM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> While I thinking of strange things, this seems to be valid:
>    CLASS(*),POINTER :: a,b
>    TYPE(team_type),TARGET :: x
>     a => x
>    FORM TEAM(a,13)

(I see you seem to be supporting 13-337)


This violates C501, since b is a team variable.   Unfortunately, given 
the declarations this would be hard for a compiler to enforce at compile 
time.   Lock and event variables have the same issue.  Maybe these 
cannot be constraints. ?

>     SELECT TYPE(b)
>     TYPE IS (team_type)
>        SYNC TEAM(b) ! b is a copy of a?

Yes.  There is no ban on having two names for the same team.  You can write

  form team (a, 13)
  form team (b, 13)

where a and b are declared explicitly as type team_type. Effectively a 
and b are two names for the same team.

>     DEALLOCATE(b) ! Deallocating TEAM_TYPE is ok?

The omission of DEALLOCATE in the places where team variables can appear 
is corrected in Paper 13-336, first edit.


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