(j3.2006) Restrictions on LOCK_TYPE, EVENT_TYPE, and TEAM_TYPE

Van Snyder van.snyder
Sun Oct 6 21:12:41 EDT 2013

The restrictions on LOCK_TYPE, EVENT_TYPE, and TEAM_TYPE, that concern 
definition (C1303 and C1304 in 10-007r1, and C501, C502, C602, and C603 
in 13-293), are deficient by not addressing type extension.

Addressing those deficiencies would make the description of LOCK_TYPE in 
10-007r1, and the descriptions of EVENT_TYPE and TEAM_TYPE in 13-293, 
somewhat larger, and even more compellingly similar than they are now.

Bill suggested a type attribute that would cover the similarities in 
existing restrictions in 13-294 and 13-296, and then explained in 13-315 
that he had decided not to advocate for it.

I suggested a LIMITED attribute in 97-114r2, and a PROTECTED attribute 
with the same meaning in 04-167 and 13-214.

It's nice to see others catching up to where I was 17 years ago.  I 
can't legitimately claim credit for the idea, since it was in Ada '83.

I offer the attachment to address the general problem of restricting 
definition of certain derived types.  It is posed as a feature request 
because it affects the description of LOCK_TYPE, and objects that are 
not coarrays,

I tried to upload it, but couldn't log in.  I'll try again on Monday.


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