(j3.2006) 13-007 status update

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu Oct 3 03:08:51 EDT 2013

Hi folks,

I have uploaded 13-007r0d0, as pdf and repository, to the /Edit folder.

You need take no action, this is just for information.  Please do not kill any 
trees with this document!

The words are all the same as 10-007r1, the changes that have been done are:
(a) make fi, ff etc. glyphs searchable, a la 12-007,
(b) remove all turned-off text, e.g. macros, bits, not-coarrays, etc.,
(c) remove all conditionals for turning off features (such as coarrays),
(d) remove special pagelength adjustments for widow/orphan removal, these will 
stay removed until the DIS or at least the FCD.

I ran 12-007 and 13-007r0d0 through a pdf-to-text converter to verify that I did 
not remove or add any text during this process.

Note that the layout and pagination of 12-007 were very slightly different from 
10-007r1, but the pagination of this version is quite different after removing 
the approx 25 page length adjustments used for widow/orphan removal.

Thus the LaTeX sources are now a clean base document ready for updating.  That 
will happen next.

The naming scheme indicates that this is "draft 0" of "revision 0" of 13-007. 
The d number will be incremented with each substantial change made, and I will 
upload the pdf and repository each time.  I expect to go through several drafts 
before I catch up with all the editorial changes we approved so far, let alone 
the C interop TS and the upcoming technical changes.  Eventually there will be a 
plain 13-007 which will be the new standing document and base document.

I intend to work through the editorial changes in the order they appear in 
13-008r1.  This means that the corrigendum changes might not be consistent in 
some of the middle drafts.  But since the middle drafts are just temporary 
documents, that should not be a problem.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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